Sponsorship FAQ

What does sponsorship money provide for the student?

Money donated towards student sponsorship helps pay for the cost of students’ tuition which includes teacher salaries, uniforms, and school supplies such as textbooks.  It also provides for the feeding program at the school, as well as other basic needs such as mattresses and mosquito nets.

Am I sponsoring a single child?

A sponsor does not sponsor a single child, but sponsors all the children in a particular program.  There are two types of E3 sponsorship programs.  The primary school sponsorship program provides for all the needs of scholarship students between preschool and eighth grade.  Currently, there are 73 students in the primary school sponsorship program.  All primary school students attend Royal Kids School.  The high school sponsorship program provides for all the needs of scholarship students attending high school.  There are 16 students in the high school sponsorship program, and they all attend various high schools throughout Kenya.

How much does a monthly sponsorship cost?

Sponsors may select several different levels of monthly commitment or decide on their own amount based on their ability to give.  Yet, to fully provide for a primary school boarding student’s education costs $65 per month and to fully provide for a high school student’s education costs $90 per month.  Since not everyone can commit to the full amount needed for each student, any level of monthly commitment makes a difference.

Do you receive monthly updates/pictures of where the money goes?

The E3 website is updated regularly with pictures and stories about the students’ performance in school.  Sponsors receive quarterly updates in the mail which provide an overview of students’ progress as well as a feature article on an individual student.  If the sponsor gives to the high school students program, the quarterly update includes a handwritten letter from the featured student.

Can you communicate with your sponsored child?

Since sponsors support several children within a particular program, they cannot directly correspond with one child.  However, high school student sponsors may send an E3 designed care package several times within a year and include a personally addressed card to a particular high school student.  Primary school student sponsors may also send E3 designed care packages several times within a year, but they must be personally addressed to a particular class year.

Can you mail gifts to the students?

Any parcels sent to Kenya are charged with a tax that must be paid by the recipient.  Since E3 regularly sends representatives to visit the students, E3 encourages sponsors to send gifts through representatives traveling to the country.

How does E3 ensure that the money is used towards student needs?

E3 representatives regularly review financial accounts during site visits at our partner schools.

Are there other ways to donate?

Besides sponsorship, donations can be made to building projects which directly benefit primary the primary school students and can be given as a one-time donation.  E3 Kids also accepts in-kind donations, such as school supplies or children’s clothes.  Since E3 Kids representatives regularly visit the sponsored, donated items are regularly brought to the school.