Founders’ Bio

Ngao and Grace Mazira are the founders and directors of Mikindani Royal Kids School in Mombasa, Kenya. Since the school’s beginnings, in 1999, the Maziras have envisioned showing children the love of God, with a view to raising up future leaders.  Under the Mazira’s leadership, Royal Kids School is a living vibrant example of God’s compassion to the surrounding community in Mombasa.

In 1981, Ngao and Grace met in Youth with a Mission (YWAM), a worldwide, interdenominational missions organization.  They served with YWAM for over fifteen years, primarily in evangelism, discipleship and mercy ministries until the mid 90s.  In 1983, the Maziras launched a YWAM base in Shimba Hills, 98 km southwest of Mombasa. Eventually the Maziras moved to the Kenya-Sudan border and worked among the local Turkans.

For health reasons, the Maziras eventually returned to Mombasa. In December 1999, as Ngao and Grace were worshipping as usual, two young girls—one Muslim and the other a Christian—knocked on the door, desiring to learn the songs that they heard them singing.  The girls promised to join them in worship the following afternoon and, true to their word, they came back the next day.

Word spread, and more and more kids from the neighborhood began to come to the Maziras’ living room in the afternoons.  As more children arrived, Ngao offered to teach the children more formally, combining discipleship and literacy.  And so Mikindani Royal Kids School was born, a school committed to loving and teaching children.

Today, Mikindani Royal Kids School teaches children from preschool through the eighth grade.  Here, the children flourish both academically and spiritually.  Even at great personal sacrifice, the Maziras maintained a commitment to enroll children to the school regardless of their ability to pay.  By providing loving and stable educational environment, the Maziras hope to raise up future community leaders.