Guatemala Project: Well for Edwin’s Village

Thanks to several prayers and generous donations, we were able to raise the $15,000 needed to install a well in Edwin’s village, Nueva Esperanza! The new well has eliminated the possibilities of water-borne illness and now Edwin’s village has access to clean drinking water! Read more about Edwin, the project and the mission of  Hope of Life International in Guatemala below!

Who is Edwin?

On a scorching hot summer day in 2013, Jessica Holt found herself in a Guatemalan village far away from home on her first missions trip. In this village Jessica met a man who could recite the 23rd Psalm in English by memory. A hard-working man caught in a cycle of poverty but trying desperately to provide for his growing family. A humble man who shares the little he does possess with neighboring villages in worse condition than his own. His name is Edwin, and he has impacted many since that hot summer day over two years ago.

Jessica was able to put Edwin in contact with Hope of Life staff who provided him with the resources he needed in order to continue learning English. Now a translator for Hope of Life, Edwin’s English proficiency has grown tremendously due to his persistent effort and dedication. Soon, teams began visiting Edwin’s small village, a village without a name until recently. HOL teams have distributed food bags, held medical clinics, and given out needed supplies since their initial contact. Most notably, the village was named Nueva Esperanza (New Hope), as the teams hope to effectively share the hope of Jesus with a people who have been given little to hope for in their marginalized societal status.

Why Water?

Water truly is life. In Guatemala, over 98% of the water is contaminated and results in thousands of deaths each year. And most of those deaths are in children. Drinking unclean water leads to a number of life-threatening illnesses: typhoid, cholera, worms and parasites, and diarrhea. Diarrhea caused by contaminated water is the leading cause of death for children under five.

Most families have to spend hours of their day seeking out water. Once they find water, they must haul it in buckets. Some walk to public washing stations for water, which frequently run dry by the early afternoon, and only provide unclean water.

By drilling a well, lives will be saved. Families will be healthier and will have more time to work their land and provide for other needs.

Once the money is raised, Hope of Life International will drill the well.