E3 Mission

We believe in the power of education to transform lives and communities.  We strive to equip, empower, and educate impoverished youth in developing countries.  We believe in the exponential growth that results from investing in individual children and schools.  We are committed to investing in the education of children, because once they are empowered and are equipped with the necessary skills, free from the physical and emotional trap of poverty, they will continue to positively impact their communities.

We only partner with schools and education programs started by residents of that community.  We believe they

 best know how to empower their communities.  Moreover, their example of service inspires others in their community.  Since these resid

ent leaders are our partners, we design our projects only after thorough and regular discussion.

We reject the belief that poverty is merely a lack of physical things.  Children can be emotionally impoverished, by believing that they deserve to be where they are and that they cannot escape.  We only partner with schools that empower their students by consistently teaching them that each child is uniquely made and has a specific purpose in life.  By destroying lies of inadequacy, our children are better equipped to continue to help themselves and others to overcome degrading situations.

Our ultimate goal is to end poverty.  And we work towards this by investing in education.  The changes we want to see won’t take place for another twenty years.  Everything we do is designed around the hope that the students of our partner schools will go on to successful careers, raise happy families, and begin their own projects that will improve their communities.

Currently Partnered with Royal Kids School

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