Eighth Grade Aspirations

While in Kenya this spring, Carol Turner, founder of E3 Kids, interviewed the 18 eight graders who are now getting ready for their Kenya Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE) examination which will define their educational future. Of course when Carol interviewed them about their career aspirations, they varied from engineers, doctor, lawyers and even actors, but the one thing all kids had in common:PicMonkey Collage they all wanted to help those in need.

Mwaniki Michael Mutua is one these eighth graders. He dreams with becoming a famous actor in the U.S to make enough money to help the poor and mentally disabled people in Kenya. He also sends a message to those who are already in America: “Please, may you help others in their difficulties. Use your efforts in any chance you can to help others as I am being helped”.

Our students at Royal Kids School are very aware of how blessed they are for having access to a qualitative Christian education. They are grateful to all sponsors and supporters of E3 Kids International who have given them the opportunity to overcome poverty.

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