New hope for Edwins village | Clean water for all

Today the village of Nueva Esperanza has access to clean, purified water because of funds raised from generous donors and one small act. Ever since Jessica Holt met Edwin back in 2013 and connected him with Hope of Life, his life, the life of his family, and of his village has changed dramatically. Through Hope of Life, Edwin has achieved his goal in becoming proficient in English and his village has continued to receive aid with food rations, medical attention, and assistance with needed supplies. Hope of Life noticed Edwin’s hard work and dedication to better the life of his village and helped organized the construction of the well.

Edwin and his village are thrilled with the well and are comforted to not have to worry about washing, drinking, cooking, or bathing with contaminated water. When describing their previous water source, Edwin explained: “Before, it was very tough for us. We collected water from a canal close to the village that is filled with very dirty and contaminated water. Many of us would frequently get sick, but now we have crystal clear water and we are so happy and excited to have received this blessing.”

The well pumps 25 gallons of water per minute which will most certainly allow ample use for all villagers. When Edwin was asked how many people will be benefiting from the new installation of the well and he said: “I cannot tell you an exact number, but I do know that the news [of the new well] will reach other villagers and they will come to live with us to help our community grow.”

There is a village neighboring Nueva Esperanza called La Plancha and they also do not have access to a clean water resource but the two villages do not associate with one another. Edwin was asked if La Plancha will have access to the well also and he responded: “Yes, of course. There are about 100 people living in Nueva Esperanza and about 400 people who live in La Plancha, this is a blessing from God that is for all to take part of.”. Edwin described the well project and all of the help that he and his village has received as a “dream come true”.  There are brilliant smiles throughout Nueva Esperanza because of the help of so many and the blessings don’t stop here!




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