Meet Hidaya

Hidaya lost her oldest sister Grace at a younger age so she is now the oldest sister for Naomi who is only one year old. Hidaya dreams with becoming a neurosurgeon so she can help cure people with brain tumors. She hopes she can get a sponsorship to get into high school since her family won't be able to afford it. Hidaya is getting ready to present the KCPE in October which would define the next step in her educational path. Pray for her and her fellow classmates!

  • Hidaya Nelima Simiyu
    • Student Info

      • Name: Hidaya Nelima Simiyu
      • Gender: Female
      • Birthday: April 7, 2003
      • Grade:
      • Favorite Activity: singing, dancing and reading
      • Favorite Color:
      • Career Aspiration: Neurosurgeon
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