Meet Mwaniki

Mwaniki is a very sweet and extrovert kid who feels very comfortable speaking in public. He dreams with becoming a famous actor in theater so he could give his money to the poor, the orphans and those with mental problems. He would also take advantage of his fame to bring awareness about the importance of helping those in need. He loves drawing and dancing. Mwaniki is getting ready to present the KCPE in October which would define the next step in his educational path. Pray for him and his fellow classmates!

  • Mwaniki Michael Mutua
    • Student Info

      • Name: Mwaniki Michael Mutua
      • Gender: Male
      • Birthday: February 21, 2002
      • Grade: 8
      • Favorite Activity: Drawing and dancing
      • Favorite Color:
      • Career Aspiration: Actor
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