Meet Dennis

Dennis comes from a poor farming family where both of his parents are basically jobless.  His mother works odd jobs to provide food for the family.  There were many days Dennis went without food. Dennis came to Royal Kids School with his sister because his mother could not care for them. He is a very focused, observant and sensitive young man who is somewhat shy at times.  He previously had no hope of continuing his education after 8th grade.  He is now in university on a government scholarship thanks to e3's support while he was in the high school sponsorship program. He desires to be a software engineer so he can help solve some of the world’s problems.

  • Dennis Kimathi
    • Student Info

      • Name: Dennis Kimathi
      • Gender: Male
      • Birthday: May 7
      • Grade: GRAD
      • Favorite Activity: Running
      • Favorite Color:
      • Career Aspiration: Lawyer
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