Meet Bihaji

Bihaji values her education since she’s seen the negative effects of her father’s illiteracy. Bihaji lives in the slums near Royal Kids School with both her parents. Before Bihaji was born, her father lost their land due to his lack of education. Due to an accident, he is bedridden and makes frequent trips to the hospital, which is very costly in Kenya. He fully supports her education, so that she won’t be taken advantage of in the future. Bihaji's mother does not support her education, believing marriage is more important. Bihaji was overjoyed when she found out she received a scholarship for high school and did not have to follow her mother's wishes for her future. Bihaji successfully graduated High School in 2014.

  • Bihaji Bakari
    • Student Info

      • Name: Bihaji Bakari
      • Gender: Female
      • Birthday: March 19
      • Grade: GRAD
      • Favorite Activity: Running
      • Favorite Color: Yellow
      • Career Aspiration: Flight attendant
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