Send Books to the New Library at Royal Kids School

The library was founded in Summer 2012 with over 1,000 books lining the shelves. Royal Kids School has employed a full time librarian to teach the children library science and assist with student needs. The students are so excited about the new library, one student reading over 100 books in two months! Test scores in English have already risen because of extracurricular reading.  The work on the library is not yet finished. Brenda Storms, the library director, wants to send another 1,000 books over to Kenya this summer. 

Sponsor a Book

Help us build the library by sponsoring a book. To sponsor a book, make a donation here. It takes $10 to sponsor one book.

As a book sponsor, you can select which book will be donated in your name. The list of books to select from will soon be available.

If you do not wish to personally select the books, simply make your donation as directed above.

Once we purchase the book, we’ll insert a donation label. Regardless of the listed Amazon price, we need $10 to fully sponsor a book, to cover the price of the book, processing fees and shipping expenses.

As funds are donated, e3 Kids purchases the books and then processes them. They’ll be covered with a book jacket, stamped, and have a spine label and record.

Making Large Donations

Large donations can be applied toward other larger expenses, such as furniture construction or ‘series’ such as a set of encyclopedias.Please contact Brenda directly for those totals.

Meet the Library Project Director

Brenda Storms is a librarian at Fredericksburg Christian Upper School in Virginia.  She has a passion for discovering through reading.  In Spring 2012, after meeting Grace and Ngao Mazira  (founders of Royal Kids School) Brenda  felt directed to undertake this project for the students of the Royal Kids School in Mombasa, Kenya.

She tooks over 1,000 books over to Kenya in Summer 2012. She developed a base library consisting of high-interest, research, and reference books specifically chosen for the student body’s cultural and educational needs.