Building Projects

Building projects help E3 schools improve their physical condition.  By meeting these physical needs, schools and students are better equipped to achieve their educational goals.  Below are ongoing projects at Royal Kids School.  You can make an online donation and give specifically to building projects.


Summer of 2012 Royal Kids built a new kitchen and dinning hall. The cooks are excited to be out of the rain and in a permanent structure, but there is still work to be done! The building needs to be plastered and painted and new energy efficient charcoal stoves and other kitchen supplies are required. Donate here!


Over 1,000 books were shipped to Kenya to create a library at Royal Kids School. The students started library classes over the summer of 2012 and have been reading non-stop. One student read 104 books in two months! Readership is large at Royal Kids, and the library requires more books. The goal is to get another 1,000 books to Kenya by next summer. If you would like to donate, each book costs $10.

Classroom Renovation

E3 Kids have sponsored 8 classroom renovations. Brick walls transformed into classrooms with plastering and painting leads to a more conducive learning environment. However, there are still more classrooms that need finished. Donate here if you would like to renovate a classroom.


In 2010 e3 Kids drilled a well at Royal Kids School for clean, healthy drinking water. Previously, students would walk miles to get water for the school day. With the new well, the time spent walking to get water is now used in the classroom. Donate towards the continuous water effort now!