School Projects

E3 Kids has several projects that meet the physical or educational needs of students. Sponsoring students is a way to meet their most pressing needs, such as food or clothing for that day.  But supporting school projects is equally important since they will help meet students’ needs in the long-run.  The more developed the school is, the better equipped it will be to meet their students’ needs.  School projects are designed to continually give back to the school.  And they have a specific amount of money that needs to be raised.  For instance, once the money for a drilled well is raised, E3 will hire workers from the community to drill a well that will last for twenty years, and the school will no longer need to search for water.  Summer of 2012 the first e3 supported library was founded with over 1,000 books sent to Kenya. Those books will continue to give back to each year of students.  Therefore, building projects and education programs work hand in hand to meet students’ needs for years to come.

Educational Programs help achieve dreams


Building Projects meet basic needs