Staff Info

Teacher Elisha


Teacher Elisha is the headmaster for Royal Kids School. He deals with all disciplinary issues and teaches English and Math. He is passionate about the cultural exchange between Royal Kids students and Americans.


Teacher Moses


Teacher Moses is the deputy headmaster at Royal Kids. He teaches KiSwahili, Social Studies, and Christian Religious Education. He also teaches the US interns KiSwahili.


Mamma Chiro


Mamma Chiro works in the kitchen at Royal Kids School. She often runs to town for ingredients but loves cooking the most. Mamma Chiro’s favorite thing to cook are chapatis, an African form of sweet bread.


Mr. Mukeku


Mr. Mukeku handles with the school’s financials. He pays the bills, collects students’ tuition, and takes care of all e3 sponsored high school student needs.


Teacher Jane


Teacher Jane teaches KG1, 3 and 4 year old students at Royal Kids School. She loves using visuals in her classroom.




Amos is the security guard for Royal Kids. The students’ call him Soldier and like talking with him during their breaks.