Royal Kids Kitchen Project

This kitchen feeds 400 people daily.

But we need to build a better kitchen. To help it save energy so our children can have more nutritious meals.



 Fall 2012 Update:

Summer of 2012 the kitchen construction began! Raising a dining hall, the kitchen, and bathrooms in
the yard behind the school. The kitchen mamma’s were excited, Mamma Ruth walked out of her room every day to check on the progress. Every day, there was notable progress in construction, and, in early August, the building was complete! Staff is cooking in the new kitchen space, happy to be working with a roof above their head. The students are looking forward to the dining hall being finished in the next few months. The picture to the right is one of the last stages of construction during the summer. Thank you to everyone who donated towards the new kitchen at RKS.

Goal: Raise $30,000

The old kitchen ran on two charcoal stoves and did not have piped water. The charcoal stoves are not energy efficient. Every month hundreds of dollars are spent on charcoal that could be used to buy more nutritious meals for our students.

The students who live at the school get their breakfast, lunch, and dinner from this kitchen. All the students are fed a morning porridge. Since many children come from nearby slums and impoverished homes, the school makes sure every student is fed early in the day so they can focus on their studies.

At lunch the students eat rice, beans, and a cabbage stew. The students pile on the rice and beans, because for many of them it may be the only meal they receive that day. The pre-school students are fed an afternoon porridge so they don’t go home hungry.

e3Kids is building a new kitchen and dining hall so more meals can be provided. A new kitchen means better fed students who will be able to do even better in school.

See our cooks in action

Kitchen Talk at Royal Kids School
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Helping us build a new kitchen will help feed and educate children for years to come. And ultimately help break the cycle of poverty.

Donate on the e3 website here. Or keep track of everyone pulling together to build this kitchen at our Cause page.