Elimu Project

Welcome to the Elimu Project! Over the past two years, I’ve completely fallen in love with the Royal Kids School children.

My senior exhibit and e3Kids have given me the opportunity to learn, volunteer, an dplay a role in providing the amazing students at the Royal Kids School with the resources to change their lives. Now, that I’ve graduated from Fredericksburg Academy and am in my second year at the University of Virginia, the Royal Kids School still holds a special place in my life. the FA and Royal Kid seventh (soon to be 8th!) grades still pen-pal; and I still plan on spending extended amounts of time at the school over summers and after graduation. But today, I’m focusing on launching my newest campaign to continue these kids’ education. But first, let me catch you up on what we’ve achieved since last February.

Last summer i was able to visit Kenya for a second time, and was able to bring my mom and brothers with me. It was amazing to see on this trip the amount of change that had occurred since my last visit in January. Classrooms were painted, the dormitories finished, and the library furnished with books. It was even more special knowing that some of these changes were funded through all of my generous donors. The 18 for 18 campaign and book fund raised over $20,000 to support and enrich the lives of the boarding students last year, exceeding my goal of sponsoring 18 children.

My love for these students hasn’t changed, and neither has my desire to provide them with the best opportunities for their future. I still believe that education is the best way to change a child’s life, and thus I am continuing my campaign to give these kids the best chance at attending high school, university and becoming successful members of our global community. Rather than continue to change the name of the campaign based on my age, I’m changing the campaign to the Elimu Project, Elimu meaning education in Swahili.

Education isn’t a one-year deal, but rather is a commitment over many years. It is daunting to feel responsible for making sure these kids get all the chances they deserve, but I know that with your help we can do it. We can give these kids the chance to finish primary school and continue with high school. “my class” is now in Grace 7, which means one more year of primary school before the youngest of my boarding group will be headed to high school.

This year’s campaign will again focus on providing primary school education to the boarding students of the Royal Kids School. While e3 is focusing on sending the current eighth graders to high school, next year the Elimu Project will focus on making sure my beloved seventh graders get the same opportunity. With your help, education is reachable for every child at the Royal Kids School. Anything you can do to support my campaign, and more importanty these amazing children’s education is appreciated.

Please check out my blog www.globalpaige.com and Twitter (@globalpaige) for more information on what I’ve been up to, and to continue following me as I continue to explore the field of global development and education. All donations go directly to supporting the children and of course, are tax deductible.