Classroom Libraries Project

The students at Royal Kids School love to read but they don’t have nearly enough books! We’re trying to give each classroom a library!

ORIGINAL GOAL: To raise $4,000 to set up 8 classroom libraries

  • Two classrooms need to be plastered and painted before cabinets can be installed

  • Eight classrooms need shelves built

    Collecting enough books to fill the shelves

    Need: Early readers to chapter books


January 2017

We’ll be going to Royal Kids School at the end of February to bring more books and supplies to promote literacy and education. We have collected numerous boxes of donated books and will gladly accept more. Current challenges include funding to build more bookshelves and to buy curriculum-based reading materials for the classrooms. School supplies are needed (especially blue and red pens, solar calculators, protractors and compasses). We also ask for prayer that God would provide what is needed, would allow the team and materials to arrive safely and that He would use us in a mighty way to support and encourage the students, teachers and school administration.

April 2016

Arriving stateside, we can report many successes and unanticipated achievements:

Bookcases were built to outfit classrooms from preschool-6th grade and each class received reading materials.

4th-6th graders participated in reader’s theater workshops and 6th graders performed “The Tale of Three Trees” at a school assembly.

Teacher workshops were held to promote the principles of the Every Child Ready to Read initiative, to share ideas for promoting reading in the classroom and to teach the reader’s theater process.

Middle and high school students were selected to be library assistants and participated in a volunteer orientation.

The Mikandani and Jomvu campus school libraries received an overhaul, deep cleaning and the addition of new materials.

Many classes were visited and read to.Kenya Library Project 2016

March 2016: Bound for Kenya with over 500 lbs of books, school supplies and teacher resources! Our team of 3 will be in Mombasa for 2 weeks to set up more classroom collections and to work in the school libraries at the 2 campuses of the Royal Kids School. We will also conduct teacher workshops, do reader’s theater with students and meet with the local Rotary Club.

February 2016: We continue to collect children’s books for classrooms at Royal Kids School, but the biggest hurdle we have is to find affordable and secure passage for the books from here to there. The exciting news is that a team of 3 will be traveling to Kenya in late March, and they will be able to take at least 250 pounds of books with them, possibly more! They will travel light, packing their personal belongings in carry-on bags, so that the rest of their allotted luggage will be bins of books and supplies.

If additional monetary donations are designated for the Classroom Library Project between now and then, the team will take even more pounds of books with them. Delivering books into the hands of voracious young readers will be such a blessing. However, the true blessing is the difference that the students’ improved literacy and education will make on their own lives and the positive impact that they will have on their community.

August 2015: In August, over 100 pounds of  books made their journey to Kenya to start filling the shelves of  the second and third grade classrooms.


November 2014: On November 18, we held a book processing party at the e3Kids office. With 5 volunteers, we processed, cleaned and packed 8 cartons of books. The time and people who turned out were perfect to get the job done. Now we are ready to receive more donations and work out the most secure and cost effective way to get a huge number of books to Mombasa! The kids are anxiously waiting.

September 2014: A carpenter from Mikindani, Kenya built 2 book cabinets for the 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms. Currently, the students are anxiously awaiting the arrival of books to fill them. As mission teams and travelers go to the school, the books are boxed and ready to go to those two classrooms and ultimately into the hands of eager students. We are still collecting new and gently used books, especially picture books, beginning readers, non-fiction and chapter books for younger readers up through 5th grade. We have raised $881 toward our $4,000 goal.

Class 2 Shelves

Class 3 Shelves











July 15: On both sides of the ocean, we are making progress on this project, thank the Lord! Volunteers have been busily collecting and processing books destined for the 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms at the Royal Kids School. With donations received so far, a carpenter in Mombasa has been contracted to build cabinets for these 2 classrooms, and the books will be sent over with a team traveling in August. According to the headmaster of the school, the students are “so excited!”

April 11: Celebration of Reading Party brought $800 (enough to build shelves for TWO classrooms!) and enough book donations to fill an entire bookcase!