JoEllen Santulli

JoEllen is the Executive Director of e3 Kids. She wears all kinds of hats for the organization including coordinating staff and volunteers, creating fundraising campaigns, communicating with supporters, directing projects in Kenya, and much more. JoEllen has been to Kenya seven times working as a teacher, overseeing projects and compiling information for e3 campaigns. A fun fact about JoEllen: She loves Korean pop music videos.



Ana María Johnson

Ana is the product and outreach manager at e3 Kids. Ana is originally from Colombia where she was an ESL teacher. Although she loved teaching, Ana felt that God had other plans for her. After some time and lots of prayer, Ana made the big decision to leave her home in Colombia and moved to the United States by herself.  Ana boldly enrolled in the undergraduate program at the University of Mary Washington where she says she found her calling and met her husband, Thomas. She is now a senior at the university and is studying Spanish and literature.Fun fact: At the beginning of the year, Ana was nervous about finding a job in the area. Her husband Thomas suggested that she prayed for some guidance and insight. Two days later, Ana received a call from e3 kids offering her a job and she happily accepted!