A Small Act: FREE Library Showings in Fredericksburg


A Small Act captures the powerful story of how one small act can have a ripple effect for positive change years later. It follows the story of how one woman’s commitment to the education of a Kenyan boy thirty years ago, has led to more education scholarships for impoverished students in Kenya. Her commitment led to Chris Mburu’s career as a Human Rights Lawyer for the United Nations and his creation of an education scholarship program in Kenya for students who were just like him.

The film parallels the work e3Kids is doing to provide scholarships to students in Kenya and provides great insight into the Kenyan education system. After the film, there will be question and answer by e3Kids. There will also be Kenyan hand-made products on sale to benefit their students.

Free Fredericksburg Library Showings in 2012

Saturday, January 28: 2-4 pm @ Porter Library

Sunday, February 19: 2-4 pm @ Salem Church Library

Saturday, March 24: 2-4 pm @ Porter Library

Monday, March 26: 6-8 pm @ Salem Church Library

Saturday, April 21: 2-4 pm @ England Run Library

**The documentary contains some graphic images from civil unrest.  Parental discretion is advised.**