2Day Forfeit

Give Up to Give More

Give up what’s important to you to make a difference in the lives of those with great needs. American youth can take part in e3Kids’ fast challenge weekend to confront the realities of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa and to fund raise for children in Kenya now!

Middle school and high school students commit to helping children in need first by getting sponsors for their participation in 2Day Forfeit. They then give up food in a fast, participate in games and discussions, and serve their local communities.

During the weekend, they play challenging games like our Malaria Survival Relay Race. And they learn about Kenyan culture through videos like the one below:

Hello from Royal Kids School
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You can do it on any weekend that works for your group. It is designed as an overnight lock-in, starting on a Friday afternoon and ending on a Saturday evening. Groups usually have a kick-off a month before to set their goal and start fund raising. All money raised goes directly to benefit our children in our school programs who need support for food, school tuition and supplies.

Why Should You Take on 2Day Forfeit?

Poverty affects billions of people worldwide.  Many of us, and especially youth, can’t fathom what that really means. Poverty is hunger, disease, and lack of clean water and sanitation, but it’s also fear, hopelessness, and despair. Once we know the problem, we don’t know how to help solve it.

But Christ has called us all to help. 2Day Forfeit forces youth to learn about poverty in hands-on activities, and it gives them a chance to make a difference in the lives of Kenyan children in Mombasa through education.  And while helping others, you will draw closer to God, each other, and have fun!

Let us help you plan your 2Day Forfeit. Contact JoEllen to get started.