Urgent Need at Royal Kids School

Imagine your childrens’ entire future hinging on their performance on a single examination that tests all of the knowledge they have gained in 4 years of schooling.  Sounds like a scary thought, doesn’t it? That is reality for children all over Kenya.

Now, imagine that with this exam looming over their head, they don’t even have all of the tools and materials that they need to study and perform well when they sit for the examination.  This thought adds frustration to your fear.  That is reality for  Kenyan children in poverty stricken areas.

Imagine trying to perform chemistry experiments without proper chemicals, beakers and test tubes, and only enough gas for a few students to use Bunsen burners.  The rest of the children must use candles, contaminating and altering the results of their experiment.  That was reality for the children of Royal Kids School last year.

This year, we can help.  With the national examination only a few weeks away, our partner school in Kenya, Royal Kids School, has informed us that they are running low on the proper supplies and equipment to give all of the children the best possible chance to succeed.  Teacher Elisha has submitted to us a comprehensive list of all the supplies needed to fully stock their chemistry lab, and what it is going to cost, totaling up to $3,700.

We are asking everybody that has watched this school grow, minister to the children, and change their community to consider giving a donation to help purchase these supplies.  You can click the link below to be redirected to our donation page, where you may give as much or as little as you can.  All gifts are appreciated (and tax deductible!).  Make sure you select RKS: Chemistry Lab as the project you would like to support.


You can also help by getting the word out.  Let your friends and family know through social media, a text message, or however else you can get their attention!

Thank you for your continued support of e3 Kids and the mission that the Lord has called us to!

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