You did it, class of 2015!

The numbers are in for the 2015 Kenyan National Exam, and E3 Kids is very excited to announce that eight students from the class of 2015 have been sponsored to attend high school. Felix Ochieng, John Njeru, Stella Gakii, Joseph Halanga, Marion Odhiambo, Lavine Nekesa, Anwar Said, and Vincent Omalla have achieved their goal of passing the rigorous national exam in order to further their education.

The Kenyan National Exam exam takes three days to complete in which the students are asked to compose nine papers in seven different subjects including mathematics, English grammar and composition, science, Swahili grammar and composition and social studies. The students performance is based on a 500 point scale and this year, the highest score was 446. A total of 937,467 students registered for the exam this past December, which was 48,304 more students tested than last year. If a student’s results do not meet the requirements to attend a secondary school, the only options available are to enroll in trade school or repeat their final year of primary school in order to be eligible to retake the exam. Therefore, it is no question as to why students spend an extensive period of time preparing themselves prior to being tested.

Students from Royal Kids who wish to attend high school are asked by e3Kids to complete an application for the sponsorship program. They each beautifully and genuinely explained how secondary education will impact their life and what they hope to accomplish by the time they are 60 years old. The students expressed that access to secondary education will impact their lives greatly. In their entries, several students explained the importance of attending high school and how it will assist them with achieving their goals, being an exceptional example to their younger siblings and improving their overall lifestyle. Thank you to all who have committed to the high school sponsorship program. Thanks to you, the hopes and dreams of these students are being made into reality!

– Sara

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