Surviving the winter months in Virginia vs. Kenya

The new year is upon us and the temperatures are dropping. All of us in Virginia know that the weather is quite variable. Depending on where you are in the state, most residents can experience all four seasons in one week. However Fredericksburg has slowly but surely slipped into the winter season and we’re still digging ourselves out of all that snow!

Kenyans feel the same way about their winter season but luckily for them, they still have some time to prepare. It is currently summer time in Kenya which means that blankets aren’t used at bed time and multiple showers a day are suggested due to excessive amounts of perspiration. During the day, the temperature ranges from 70° F to 93° F. Autumn is roughly from late March into June and winter sticks around until early September. On average, the temperature during this time ranges from  65º F and 80º F . Believe it or not, when the temperature drops below 70º F, most Kenyans start to wrap up in their cozy sweaters and fuzzy hats. For us Virginians, how amazing it would be to have 80° winters? Although this would be ideal for those of us who only experience those temperatures in the sunny spring and summer months but for Kenyans, winter is also a feared and somewhat uncomfortable time of the year. If we were also close to the equator and acclimated to steamy climates for a large portion of the year, that 65ºF to 80ºF margin would be equivalent to the 23ºF to 45°F average that we dread. Although we are on opposite sides of the Earth, Virginia and Kenya collectively share an unusual fear for an unexpected and ill-prepared winter but somehow, we both seem to cope with it the best we can!


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