A Successful 2Day-Forfeit!

On Friday nights, most high schoolers enjoy going home after a long week at school; sit in front of the couch and watch a movie, hang out with friends, and then sleep in good and late on a Saturday morning. This past Friday night, on April 17th, about 20 high school students participated in the 2Day-Forfeit at Kings Highway Baptist Church. The 2Day-Forfeit, put on by several local baptist church youth groups, is a two day event where youth learn about struggles of poverty as well as raise money to help feed the poor in Kenya. Students asked donations from friends and family as they participated in the event, where all the money went to e3kids International to benefit the students at Royal Kids School in Kenya.

During the event, the students participated in many games and challenges. They began a fast mid-day on Friday, which they kept up until Saturday night. The students would play games to feel what those in poverty feel every single day; for example one game was called ‘dressed for success’ where the students went to the Goodwill in town, split into teams, and had to each dress either a man or woman for a professional interview for no more than $10. This showed the struggle for men and women to try and break the cycle of poverty. The students also served meals at The Thurman Brisben Center, Fredericksburg’s homeless shelter.

Throughout the event, the students followed the story of Nelly. Nelly is a young woman living in Kenya who was at risk of being sold into early childhood marriage so her family could attain extra money. During the series of three videos, they learned the effects of early childhood marriage, statistics on the cycle of poverty, and then the benefits of receiving an education in Kenya. At the end of the story, the students learned that e3Kids International heard about Nelly’s story and found her a sponsor so she was able to go to school. Nelly then went on to become a pre-k teacher at Royal Kids School.

Overall, the 2Day-Forfeit educated those who participated in the struggle of poverty, both by challenging them with games and tasks, but also with statistics and a true story. The students raised over $1,000 for the Royal Kids School in Kenya, money which will help to buy the school food to feed the students and keep them in school.

Thank you to all who volunteered, donated, and participated in the 2Day-Forfeit.

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