Have You Heard the Good News?

Royal Kids School in Kenya blesses children with the opportunity to receive an education, but they also share the word and love of God in a program called Good News. The program is divided into three different age groups: pre- school, first-third grade, and fourth-eighth grade. Every Tuesday and Friday the classrooms open up their sliding partitions to create one big room for each group to meet for an hour.

Good News begins with the whole group singing worship songs together. Students will help lead the songs. Next, individual and small groups of students will stand in front of the entire group and sing songs and dance or recite scripture verses. Once the students have finished performing, the teacher will then stand in front of the group and share a bible story and then teach the students how it relates and applies to their own lives.

Throughout the week, you can come across students practicing their songs and verses in time for Good News. Seeing the students’ joy as they all come together to worship is truly uplifting.


-Maggie B

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