Congratulations Class of 2014!

The numbers are in for the 2014 Kenyan National Exam, and e3kids is proud to announce that we have four students from the class of 2014 who were sponsored to attend high school. Kennedy Ngala received a score of 357 and will be attending Mwaani Boys High School, Sofia Abullahi received a score of 348 and will be attending Mwaani Girls High School, Louis Njoroge received a score of 387 and will be attending Chania High, and Tabitha Osieko received a score of 372 and will be attending Ukia Girls School.

The exam is scored out of 500 points. While the highest score this year was 440, high scores for the exam usually range in the 400-410. The average for the entire country is usually around 250. This year, a total of 880,487 students took the exam, and 6% of students scored in the range of 350-400 points.

Not only did Royal Kids School have four students who scored in that 6%, but the overall average exam score for the school was at the highest it has ever been this year. This means that overall, students were scoring higher than they have in the past. Congratulations to the RKS class of 2014 for your good work on the exam, and good luck to Kennedy, Sofia, Louis, and Tabitha as they continue their education in high school.

Thank you to all who have donated to e3kids to help support our teachers, school, and students.

Read more about the National Exam results here.

-Maggie B

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