Interview with Kenyan teacher: Kheri Ngao

Meet Kheri! He is on staff at Royal Kids School in Kenya who has been in America for the past few weeks sharing his work and learning teaching methods. In the middle of his busy schedule, we were fortunate enough to hang out with him and ask him questions about his experiences both in Kenya and in America

e3kids: What is your favorite part about being a teacher?

Kheri: I love it when I see a kid change. You know a kid who couldn’t read or write and after a term or two they are able to do so. Plus now they can read their own Bibles too!

e3kids: What is your favorite subject to teach?

Kheri: My favorite subject to teach would have to be history, just because it doesn’t change. Hahaha, what’s done is done.

e3kids: What did you do while you were here in Virginia these past few weeks?

Kheri: It’s been a mix between work and play. I’ve taught in youth evening services, taught and observed at Fredericksburg Christian Upper School,  spoke at the schools’ chapel services. I’ve also spoken at the downtown Fredericksburg Rotary Club. I also got to visit Massanutten where I went tubing and even got to drive Carol’s big truck!

e3kids: What is one major difference between Kenya and Virginia?

Kheri: There are a lot of differences, but the major one is snow days! We don’t have those back in Kenya.

e3kids: What do you like most about your visit to America?

Kheri: The burgers!!! Hahahaha, really the vast knowledge I am receiving and to then go back and apply it all to the kids in Kenya.

e3kids: So if you had one piece of advice to give everyone, what would it be?

Kheri: My advice would be….you all should try eating McDonald’s Angus Burgers! Hahahaha. I’ll say love. It’s the greatest commandment of all.

Thank you Kheri for teaching us more about yourself and about what you have learned here in Virginia! In a couple of weeks he will be traveling down to Atlanta, GA to see his brother, and then will be flying back to Kenya in April. It was such a joy to have him here at e3kids and he will be missed when he leaves! Safe travels Kheri!

-Maggie B


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