Student Spotlight: Tabitha Osieko

Say hello to one our of eighth grade students, Tabitha. She is hungry to learn and very diligent in her school work. Her favorite subject is math and wants to become a surgeon one day. Along with her focus in school, so loves to do everything that she can; from being active in sports, such as netball and skipping rope, to reading in the library.

Tabitha was one of the students to take the National Entrance exam in early November. Her score will determine if  she qualifies to go to high school. All of us expect her to go on to high school, but even if she is accepted, her parents will struggle to support the costs. Our goal as e3kids is to help provide students like Tabitha with the means to continue their education. But we can’t do it without generous sponsors who commit to to meeting those needs.

Learn more about Tabitha by watching her video below

e3 students: Tabitha Osieko
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To sponsor Tabitha or another one of our eighth grade students hoping to go to high school next year, go to our sponsor student page.

-Maggie B

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