Feeding our Students

Food is an essential part of our day, however in the U.S. we often take it for granted since we have almost unlimited access to it. In Kenya, many people lack food in their homes. For our students, some of them only eat when they are at school. Royal Kids schools makes sure to provide this necessity for them.  The students start their day with porridge in the morning, which gives them the energy to study through the day. It is a wheat porridge, but they do not add milk or sugar. In the afternoon, the students eat a lunch of rice and beans, with stewed carrots and cabbage. This same meal is served everyday. The serving size at lunch is generous, because for some students, it could be the last meal until the next day.

For the students who live at Royal Kids, they eat dinner in the early evening. There is more variety at dinner; the source of protein and starch varies throughout the week. Other foods during dinner include kale, and ugali, which is a mixture of corn flour and water. The students also drink black tea in the evening.

e3Kids supports the food program at Royal Kids. At times, the school can buy fresh fruits for the boarding students to eat such as pineapple, mangoes, and bananas. Child sponsors help provide food for our students. Additionally, e3Kids sells Kenyan made crafts, such as wood carvings, jewelry, and fabric bags, to further support the food program. SERV International, another U.S. organization, has been supporting the food program by sending dehydrated meal packets. These packets contain rice, potatoes, and carrots. The kitchen staff will then add water and cook the food from these packets, which can then feed 20 people.

Thank you to all are supporters who have helped provide food, whether through sponsoring a child or shopping at our store.

-Maggie B

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