National Entrance Exam

If you have gone to college here, or know someone who has gone to college here in the United States, they had to take the SAT, the scholastic aptitude test, as part of the application process. Once the test was finished, everyone had to wait for probably a few weeks till the results were released, and then they could go online to see the scores. If they didn’t like them, they could always take them again, but colleges would use the overall score to determine which students to accept. Students are usually 16-18 when they take the test. But imagine their experience if they had to take the exam at 13-14 years old.

Eighth grade students in Kenya just finished taking the national entrance exam during the first week of November. This test is like our SAT. There are multiple sections: math, English, science, KiSwahili, and so on. They have to take each section in a specific amount of time. Unlike our SAT, the national exam can only be taken once, and the results take about a month and a half (6 weeks) to be released. They are released in two ways; if you have access to a cell phone, you can send a text message to request your score, but it is an unofficial score. The headmaster of each school receives the official scores and posts them for all to see. Some scores are also printed in the newspaper. These scores then determine if these students will be able to continue their education at the high school level.

While there are some opportunities for needy students to qualify for a scholarship from certain organizations, most students who pass the exam cannot go on to high school because they can’t afford it. This is where e3kids makes a difference! We find sponsors for our eighth grade students at Royal Kids School who have taken the exam, been accepted into a high school, but can’t afford the costs. It’s only $65 a month to give a student an education that will last them a lifetime. Find out more about how to sponsor one of our students a high school education on our student sponsorship page.

Thank you to all those who are currently sponsoring a student at Royal Kids Schools.

-Maggie B

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