Librarian Esther

Esther is our librarian who serves at both the Mikindani Royal and Jomvu Royal School. She does spend most of her week at the Mikindani Royal, but visits the Jomvu school once a week. When the students have library time, she reads picture books to the younger students and teaches the older students how to use resource books. The library is outfitted with wonderful sets of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and books on just about everything; from animals, to space, to countries, and famous literature. Many of the books have been generously given from students in the U.S. or by money raised through their efforts.

Esther also handles the limited computer equipment that Royal Schools have, including a few laptops that have been donated. Mostly the staff uses the laptops to file students’ tests and paperwork to the county government. Esther also uses the laptops to set up Skype calls for Royals students with students in America. Overall, students have minimal access to computers due to lack of resources, which makes the library books even more valuable.

A special thank you to all those who have donated books to make these wonderful library projects possible.

-Maggie B

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