Dorms All Pretty in Pink

When we think of dorms in the United States, our first thought tends to be college dorms, where 18-22 year olds live. The Royal Kids Schools also have dorms, where girls from the ages 10-18 will stay during the school year. Over twenty girls live in the rooms, along with a teacher who works at the school, and they all share just two bathrooms.  Even after moving on to high school, they will return and stay in the dorms when on school break.

What is life like in a Royals dorm? The twenty girls all wake up early at 4am, study together, have breakfast, and then go to class. Just like in a college here in America, dorm life becomes like a family; the girls will all wash their clothes together , then dry them on the school railings.

Thank you to all our supporters who helped to make the pretty pink girls dorm happen! With your help, Royals students have greatly benefited from their completely  new dorm since 2011.

-Maggie B

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