Not a Drop of Water to Spare

In the United States, we tend to take clean water for granted. Whenever we want a drink, we go to the nearest water fountain or sink, turn it on and there’s plenty of clean drinking water. Not everyone is as blessed to have as much clean water as us. In Africa, Kenya struggles maintaining a clean water supply. Most of their clean water supply comes from the water table, which is where water is stored underground naturally. However, Kenya has the Indian Ocean at its east coast border. This poses a big problem, because salt water can easily make its way into the water table supply, resulting in brackish water, which is unsuitable for drinking. Additionally, Kenya has very distinct rainy and dry seasons, which means during the dry season, the water table will not be replenished right away.

Even though Royal Kids School has their own well, the problem of limited and brackish water still presents a problem. While they do have containers to catch rain water as backup supply, it isn’t enough to support the entire school.  Therefore, RKS needs clean drinking water delivered in tanks a couple of times each month from other areas of the country. This water is put into underground tanks, and is used when the well supply is limited.

So be thankful the next time you go to take a sip of your nice, clean bottled water, because we are so blessed to be able to have so much at easy access.

A very big thanks to all our supporters who help provide clean water at Royal Kids School!

-Maggie B

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