Back to School in U.S. and Kenya

Sixth grade students with Teacher Samuel

It’s that time of year again when everyone is going back to school, both Americans and Kenyans alike! Here in the United States, most of us are returning from our one long summer vacation. At the Royal Kids School in Kenya, they go to school year round, and have three smaller breaks; one in April, one in August, and one in December. So they are just coming back from a much shorter vacation than ours.

In the U.S. an average school day lasts anywhere from 7-8 hours, but Royal Kids they go from 6am-6pm! How do they get through a 12 hour day you ask? With the help of lunch breaks and time to go out and play, they keep up their energy just from the excitement of being able to learn.

So what do students in Kenya learn? The students actually study very similar subjects to the ones we study in America: math, science, social studies, and even English. However, Royal Kids students will study some subjects that Americans do not, such as KiSwahili, which is there native language.

While middle school students in the U.S. switch classrooms for each of their classes, Royal Kids’ is just a tad different. There the students stay in their designated classroom with their grade, and the teachers will move between rooms, carrying their books, pens, and chalk that they use to instruct their students.

Thank you to all our child sponsors who are committed to helping these kids to be able to see their first day of school!

-Maggie B

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