Our 2011 in Review: A Year of Transformation

third grade class at Royal Kids

Transformation best describes e3’s 2011. We continued transforming needy children’s lives in Kenya by sponsoring their education.  We continued building at Royal Kids School. Completed projects helped provide more water, better shelter, and new learning resources. We continued improving the lives of our artisans by working with them to sell products in the U.S.And the connections between our American volunteers and students to our Kenyan students are continuing to impact everyone involved.

Thank you for supporting e3Kids this past year. All of us working together will continue to end poverty through education and transform lives both in Kenya and America.

January: First Skype Video Chat at Royal Kids School
Royal Kids School students experienced their first video chat. They spoke, sang, and laughed with American students at several schools in Virginia. Royal Kids students couldn’t contain their joy over seeing a Kenyan flag held by American students. And all of them were fascinated by having a favorite food in common: french fries. The skype chat kicked-off a pen-pal exchange that is still on-going. Video of the singing talents at Royals.

Farihiya and other sponsored high school students

February: Sponsored 8 New High School Students
Farihiya was one of our new sponsored high school students who graduated from Royal Kids School. Without e3Kids support, she would have remained home and been married off within the year.  A special thank you to all our high school student sponsors, your continuing support gives them hope for a better future. Read their stories here.

Paige McDermott with Royal Kids Students

March: 18 for 18 Campaign
Paige McDermott, a high school senior, gave up her 18th birthday in honor of the Royal Kids School students who needed sponsors. Paige did her senior research project on e3Kids. While working with us she learned how organizations can have a positive impact by supporting impoverished children’s education.

In January she traveled to Kenya, and came back determined to give back to the children she met. By March, she surpassed her goal of sponsoring 18 children for a full year. By the end of her campaign, she sponsored 24 students for a full year, helped us buy 5 new bunk beds, 23 new mattresses, and 500 books for our students.

April: Founders of Royal Kids School Visit the U.S.A.
Ngao and Grace Mazira, who have been transforming children’s lives at Royal Kids School since founding it in 1999, visited the U.S. and spoke at various churches and school groups. They shared with their audiences the vision of Royal Kids School, their struggles and successes. If you’ve never heard Ngao speak, here’s a quick clip of him in Kenya talking about the 8th grade graduation ceremony.

Dorm before and after

May: Raised the Funds for a New Dormitory
We raised enough money to complete the 4th story dormitory for our boys and girls. Windows were installed, walls plastered, and piping for toilets and showers. Our boarding students finally have their own beds to sleep on and enough room to store their clothes. Improving their quality of life improves their overall learning experience.

2011 interns in Kenya

June: Volunteer Teachers Arrived at Royal Kids School
Three Americans volunteered to teach for 6 weeks at Royal Kids School. They taught the students science, math, music, and English. And the students taught them how to hand wash their clothes, cook chapatis, and speak Swahili. The interns also conducted workshops with Royal Kids School teachers where they discussed more effective ways of teaching poetry and how to cater to different learning styles.

grace church team work projects

July: Water Project Completed by Team Kenya
Royal Kids School’s building was completely transformed this July. A team of 16 from Harrisonburg, VA worked on installing plumbing from the drilled well to the rest of the school building. They also plastered and painted classrooms, stairwells, and hallways. But equally important were the team’s interactions with Royal Kids students. They gave the students an unforgettable field day and helped them talk through the challenging situations they face. View their team video here.

student reading in library

August: Library Started at Royal Kids School
Royal Kids finally has a library! The former girls’ dormitory was converted to a library in August. Shelves and tables were built. Some books were purchased. While the library was being organized, the students kept asking the principal when they would be allowed to use the library. These new learning resources are essential for the students to perform well on the national exam and achieve their dreams. The library project campaign is still underway. Visit the Library Project page to learn how to sponsor a book and help build the library.

e3 Kenya products on sale

September: Kicking-Off our Kenya Product Sales
We always return from Kenya with our suitcases filled with Kenyan made products to sell in the U.S. We buy from artisans who live in the community around Royal Kids School, so we can support their livelihoods. Mercy, pictured above, is one of our artisans and she stitched our reversible bags. Our autumn sales in the U.S. brought in thousands of dollars that went to feeding and clothing our sponsored students.

e3 KGHS club members

October: First High School e3 Club Sponsors Students
Amy Pasler, one of our summer’s volunteer teachers, went back to her school and rounded up students to start sponsoring needy students’ education. During their club meetings they learn about the challenges that face their peers in Kenya. They have also discovered that they don’t have to wait until they are older to start making a difference in their world.  Through bake sales and change-collecting challenges, they’ve been able to sponsor several high school students’ education.

Royal Kids School Kitchen

November: Fredericksburg Christian Students Take on the Kitchen Project
Fredericksburg Christian committed to raising $30,000 to build a new kitchen and dining facility at Royal Kids School. The current kitchen prepares 650 meals daily on energy inefficient stoves. A new kitchen will cut costs and help Royal Kids School improve the quality of education they provide. In November they started finalizing their team members and geared up for raising funds.

A Small Act Movie Still


A Small Act Showings
We hosted our first showing of A Small Act in Fredericksburg. The movie, which showcases how transformational one person’s commitment to making a difference can be, has brought in more student sponsorships for e3Kids. It follows the story of a Kenyan boy whose education was sponsored and went on to sponsor more impoverished children’s education from his village.
Watching the movie has shown others what impact their commitments to children’s education will have twenty to thirty years from now. Watch the trailer and see upcoming showings here.

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