Summer Construction Pictures

The transformation at Royal Kids School is incredible. The boarding students have moved into their new dorms. All the students are using the library. There’s piped and running water to the bathrooms and dorms. Four classrooms were plastered and painted. The nursery was repainted. All this was made possible by the teams that visited the school and our monthly sponsors’ support this past year. Check out some incredible before and after pics below.

The Freshly Painted Royal Kids School

School building under construction

Newly painted side of school building

All the boarding students moved into their new dorms.

Girls Dormitory Before (July 2010)

Girls Dormitory After (July 2011)

Both boys and girls dorms have two toilets and showers.

There is now running water to the 2nd floor toilets.

Working pipes to the 2nd floor sinks

Water tank installed on the 4th floor

The old girls dormitory was turned into the library.

Old Girls Dormitory

8th graders make use of the new library

Several classrooms were plastered and painted.

4th Grade Classroom Before (July 2010)

4th Grade Classroom After (August 2011)

Volunteers repainted the nursery and added a new mural.

New mural painted in nursery school

All this construction was made possible by our summer volunteers and our dedicated monthly sponsors. If you’d like to contribute to the ongoing building projects click HERE.

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