Class Three

On Saturdays, Royal Kids is still in session. However, the lower primary has a half-day. This is Class Three, in one of the classrooms that was finished last year.

This room was finished shortly before the students left for holiday in August, so I was unable to see it filled with students. The white paint makes the room look so bright!

On the back wall is a poster discussing the importance of washing hands and brushing teeth. It was donated by a representative from Colgate who donated many tubes of toothpaste as part of a promotional campaign.

Teacher Elisha, the school’s headteacher, told me today that government curriculum textbooks would be donated to the school for each class in every subject area. An organization that had been donating textbooks to government funded schools discovered that corrupt teachers had been selling the books to students. As a result, they’ve been seeking out private schools that educate needy students to donate the books. Which works out well for Royals, since having enough textbooks to go around has always been a struggle.

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