Weekend Visitors

Ann Wawira and Esther Njoki are on mid-term break from high school. They attend Waa Girls, which is less than an hour away, so they were able to come home to Royals for the weekend. As I write this, they’re both working on their biology homework. I’ve been missing Veryans since she left for high school this Tuesday, and I’m glad to have roommates once again.

Both of them are in their second year of high school. Nelly, who also attends Waa Girls, should have come home this weekend, but she’s joined a handful of girls who were selected to attend a math symposium. I saw Njoki when I visited her school last July, but this is my first time seeing Wawira since 2009. They’ve both turned into such young ladies! Wawria has always been confident, and it’s impressive to see how much confidence Njoki’s gained. She was very shy while she was in primary school, and usually had a sheepish smile on her face.

Njoki loves working with small children and looks forward to becoming a pre-school teacher one day. And Wawira is still holding onto her dream of becoming a doctor. And she has the grades to make it, she’s fourth in her class after the mid-term exams.

I wasn’t expecting to see them before my return to the states, and it’s wonderful that they’ll be here for the weekend. I’m hoping to get my hands on some bootleg movies for us to watch tomorrow night.

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