Web-Chats with FCS

This afternoon, during the games time hour, students from class four, five, and some of class seven and eight had their first web-chat with fourth and fifth grade students from Fredericksburg Christian’s Stafford campus. I took these pictures as we were waiting for them to come online.

We used the eighth grade classroom for the web chat. I set up my laptop on a stool on top of a school desk in the corner of the room. The kids were over the top excited.

None of these students have ever participated in a web-chat before. And very few of them have ever used a computer. If they have, it was most likely an old pc at a cyber cafe. As I was setting up my laptop, I could hear one boy mumbling in Swahili with technology words thrown in. As I plugged in the wireless internet device, he mumbled “modem” and explained that it used “USB” to his fellow classmate. So, for these students to chat with students their own age in a classroom around the world, was phenomenal.

As you can see from the pictures, the students were balancing on their desks and clinging to the walls. They kept pressing in as they became more excited over singing songs to the students (the first song they sang was K’naan’s “Waving Flag” which became very popular during the South Africa World Cup). They were thrilled when they found out the students also enjoyed playing soccer. And they were also very excited to meet the students’ teachers, and sang the traditional Royal Kids welcome song for teachers and visitors.

The kids were enthralled by today’s chat, which lasted an hour. And it’s wonderful watching them discover how much they have in common with American students and what they find very foreign. After hearing an answer to a certain question, most students’ eyes would widen and then they would whisper amongst themselves. And then begin shouting questions all over again.

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