After School Games Time

Next week, school sports competitions begin. Today was the last day of training for boys’ soccer and girls’ netball before Royal Kids starts competing with other schools. The boys play soccer in the public field near the school, while the girls play netball in the school’s playground.

The girls started their training with five laps around the playground…which they barely finished. While the boys jumped right into running around the field, Teacher Nelly who is in charge of netball made sure the girls practiced their technique. After their laps, they first worked on chest passes.

I vaguely remember doing a unit on netball in high school phys ed, so I still don’t fully understand the rules of netball (Teacher Nelly asked me if I wanted to play this time, I passed, but offered to get these girls running next week). But, its similar to basketball, without the dribbling, and they score points by getting the ball through the hoop.

Since the older students will be the ones competing next week, the younger students kept themselves entertained on the sidelines. Several girls enjoyed traditional hand-clap games.

While taking these pictures on the school playground, Vanessa enjoyed playing with my hair.

Right next to the playground is a ditch the kids love to leap across and sprint in.

The majority of the students, however, enjoyed cheering on the boys playing soccer. Below, a mix of Class 6 and Class 8 girls watch and tell jokes.

These Class 7 and 8 students watch as Teacher Mambo pauses the game to explain the art of gaining control of a ball that’s dropped from a great height.

Elisha is the school’s star goal-keeper and did a killer job of blocking shots on goal today.

At the end of games time, these students come back to the school to quench their thirst with clean drinking water.

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