Bihaji’s Future

Bihaji, to the far right, starts her high school career on Monday. She’s one of our eight upcoming high school students. And she’ll be the first in her family to go to a boarding high school.

I wasn’t feeling well today, and was unable to go to the school (but don’t worry! I’ll be back in action tomorrow). Today’s picture was taken during the school’s eighth grade graduation celebration a few weekends ago. And Bihaji and her father receive her certificate and award for receiving a high score on the national exam from the school’s founder, Grace, and the guest speaker. But, Bihaji stopped by for a visit today because she’s so thrilled over her acceptance at a boarding high school.

Bihaji is the youngest daughter in her family. Her father, although uneducated, is very wise and highly values education. After a family tragedy many years ago, he was unable to give his children the education he wanted for them. His other daughters were able to attend day high schools. While both day and boarding high schools are subsidized by the government, day schools typically provide an inferior education and the daily commute is perilous for young girls.

Bihaji has been struggling ever since her last day at Royal Kids. She wasn’t sure where she’d be going for high school, and her mother is very opposed to girls receiving an education. Her mother believes marriage is more important.  Bihaji had been crying frequently because her future was so uncertain. However, her enrollment at a boarding school was finalized this week and Bihaji has a guaranteed scholarship.

Knowing Bihaji’s situation, I’m so grateful for all our high school student sponsors. At such a young age, Bihaji has been mourning the end of a promising education. But now she can confidently continue her studies, and the school she’ll be going to gives her hope for an education beyond high school. Without the sponsors who have been pulling together to support these students, Bihaji would have been another girl with so much potential to fall through the cracks.

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