Baby Class Pick-Up

The preschool (divided into three levels: KG1, KG2, KG3, but is called the ‘baby class’ by the school staff) ends its day at 4 pm while the upper primary students break for games time. Parents start picking up their students at 4, but some don’t arrive until 5:30. While waiting for their parents, Claudia and Lavender passed the time by watching their teacher mark workbooks.

Kibawa was slightly more active, and kept himself entertained with the cap to his water bottle. Most of the preschoolers are quite drained by the end of the day, even though they all have an afternoon nap. In the mornings, you can hear them excitedly chanting their numbers, letter sounds (ah for apple! bu for ball!) and singing songs about animals.

Teacher Pauline was the one on duty this afternoon for baby-class pick up. She’s the daughter-in-law of the school founders and this is her first year teaching. She’s been a dear friend of mine for the past few years, and it’s great to see her at the school everyday. Pauline loves working with the preschool students. I met her when she was a stay-at-home mom, taking care of her newborn baby girl. It’s wonderful hearing Pauline talk about how much she enjoys teaching the kids, and she always seems slightly surprised by how much she’s thriving as a teacher.

This is Pauline’s daughter, Eve, who attends the Royal Kids preschool in Jomvu (a thirty-minute walk west of Mikindani Royal Kids). This picture is actually from my visit with them on Saturday, and Pauline didn’t want me to take this picture since Eve looked “rough.” Pauline had just finished brushing out Eve’s hair, because it was about to be plaited by one of Pauline’s friends. But I thought Eve’s hair do matched her sassy personality.


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