Sunday Visits…and a few chores

Visitors frequently stop by to relax and catch up with the students on Sunday afternoons. Danu, one of the youngest boarding students, is holding Mary Joy. Mary Joy was left in the care of the students relaxing at the school’s front gate, while her father visited some of the school staff. She’s the daughter of a matatu-owner who is a good friend of the school founders.

Danu is currently in sixth grade. She and her older sister, Irene who is in eight grade, are fondly called the “lunar girls” by Ngao, since they both have strikingly beautiful eyes.

Several of the boarding students listened to amusing stories from Naomi. Naomi, whose hands are slightly blocking her face, is one of our upcoming high school students.

When I entered the school compound, after doing some of my own afternoon visits around the neighborhood, Kariuki was the one holding Mary Joy. Kariuki is one of the school’s guards. He’s not as gregarious as Amos, the other guard. But he is very protective of the students and quietly chats with all of them.

While these students chatted, many of the other students slept or finished up with chores. I found Binti and several other girls asleep in their dorm.

I didn’t take any pictures of the boys asleep in their dorm. But most of the students wash their school uniforms on Sunday mornings, to make sure they’re squeaky clean the next day. Several shorts were still drying on the railing across from their dorm.

I ended my roaming around the compound on the third-floor to visit with Hesbon and Samuel, who were helping out their former teachers by copying exam scores.

Hesbon and Samuel both finished with eighth grade last November and leave for high school next weekend. They’ve been anxious for school to start, and all their free time since completing the national exam has been getting to them. So today, they helped their old teachers with the rather monotonous task of copying exam scores into teacher’s books.

Yes, Sundays are probably my favorite day at the school. Everyone quickly finishes up their individual chores, and then spends the rest of the day unwinding from the hectic week.

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