The Professor’s New Glasses

Evance, fondly called the Professor, received brand new glasses today. Thanks to an e3 supporter, Royal Kids School was able to purchase new glasses to replace his cracked ones before he goes off to high school.  Evance comes from western Kenya and arrived at Royal Kids shortly after the election violence.  His health has greatly improved since then. In 2009, I would take him and several other students walking and he would have a difficult time. Today, as we walked to pick up these glasses, it was my turn to be short of breath!

His old glasses, bought in 2009, were scratched up and cracked pretty badly. This time around, he has glasses that shouldn’t crack or scratch even if dropped.

Glasses are a rare sight in Kenya, since many people can’t afford prescription glasses. We’re hopeful these glasses will survive all the rough-housing at an all boys boarding school.

Evance, one of our eight upcoming high school students, leaves for school in mid-February. Earlier this week, he joined the other sponsored students on a trip to town to get them outfitted in their school shoes (most students wear black leather shoes as part of their uniform).

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