Veryans the Roommate

This is Veryans, one of our upcoming high school students, and she’s been my roommate ever since I moved out of the school last week to join Grace and Ngao at their apartment. She’s sitting on a freshly made bed, draped in a mosquito net. She’s staying with them since she’s the only female boarding student among the eight upcoming high school students we’ll be sponsoring.  Our eight students are evenly split between boys and girls, but three of the girls are able to live with one of their relatives.  The four boys all board at the school.

I’ve known Veryans since 2009, when I was her English teacher. It’s been wonderful getting to know her outside the classroom. She’s still on the quiet side. But I appreciate her honesty. Whenever she speaks, I know its the truth. And she’s very comfortable letting me know what she thinks, even if its contrary to my opinion. She spends most of the day reading any book she can get her hands on. And now that she’s discovered my mp3 player, I leave it with her for most of the day. When I return in the evenings, we usually listen to music together.

I’m relieved to know that Veryans has the opportunity to attend all four years of high school. She’s so bright and very dedicated to her work. She’s truly orphaned, and even spent time in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp after Kenya’s 2007 election violence. It’s heart-breaking to imagine a Veryans that never came to Royal Kids School and wasn’t preparing to begin her high school career. She’s so strong and focused, I look forward to seeing what she does after high school.

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