Student Campaigns

It’s election season at Royal Kids. Students in class 8 are currently campaigning for the position of head girl and head boy. This afternoon, the student body gathered in these two classrooms, usually divided by sliding doors, to hear speeches from the candidates.

All the students were excited and would vigorously cheer for the students they thought gave strong speeches.  Three boys ran for the position of head boy. Four girls ran for head girl. They have one more day to campaign for themselves, and the students will vote on Thursday.

The head boy and head girl are the links between the students and teaching staff.  If the students have a complaint, they should mention it to one of the head students, who will alert the teachers. And the head students also have the authority to stand as mediators and disciplinarians amongst the students. Therefore, the position is taken seriously by the students. And the head boy and girl must be able to command the respect of their peers.

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