The Bicycle Incident

This morning Grace, the Royal Kids School founder, asked me to take this picture of her and Kheri since their green outfits matched. Kheri is the head teacher of the pre-school, as well as Grace’s son. The family dynamic at Royal Kids, amongst all the staff and students, has made it into a home for most students.

Later in the day, I witnessed both Grace and Kheri in disciplinarian mode with several of the upcoming high school students. I saw one of the upcoming high school students, who also boards at the school, riding a bicycle while I was on my way to town. I casually mentioned seeing him when I returned to the school, within earshot of Grace, without giving it too much thought. Apparently, those young kids should not have access to bicycles and should definitely not be riding them near the matatu staging area. As we left the school for the evening, Grace and Kheri reprimanded the upcoming high school students, and sent the non-boarding students back to their homes. The non-boarding students were really dragging their feet as they left the compound.

The upcoming high school students have been out of school since November. What amazes me is that most of the non-boarding students spend close to their entire day at Royal Kids School. Instead of being anxious to leave, Royal Kids is still their home. They’ve actually been told to stay out of the classrooms when they visit, since they kept interrupting class to visit with their former teachers.

After taking this picture, I spent the rest of the day hopping onto various matatus to get to town to visit several bookstores to buy supplies for the school’s office, teachers, and boarding students with Mukeku, the school accountant. There were several basic things that the school needed (such as a ledger, hole punch, filing folders, and stapler) and it was great to be able to purchase them.

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