Day at the Beach

Spent the day at Mombasa Beach with the  five upcoming sponsored high school students staying at the school, along with some of their friends, and Teacher Jane. Today was a special treat for them, since its a bit of a trek from the school to a public beach.  In the above picture, Kamau (He is an older boy who helps out at the school during his spare time. He’s  just finished up with a mechanics technical school and will start driving school on Monday.) was the last to return from our disastrous first attempt to swim. We arrived a bit early to the beach, and the tide was out.  Hidden in those dark green grassy spots are some nasty sharp somethings.

While waiting for the tide to come in, we decided to entertain ourselves. We staked out this shady spot, and Mwinyi, Victor, and Kidiesh quickly climbed this tree.

But there can’t be a beach party without some dancing. The boys started a dance-off. And it commenced with Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair,” (their choice!..not mine, even though I’ve been a bit obsessed with that song for several months). Veryans, the only female student who was able to join us, Teacher Jane, and I were content with cheering them on. Later, I introduced them to the game Train Wreck (which, if you’ve ever gone through the somewhat painful process of college orientation, you’ve had the immense pleasure of playing).

These students love white bread. Each of them ate close to a whole loaf of broad with butter and plum jam. And we all enjoyed some pineapple juice.

When the tide finally came in, all the students spent close to three hours straight in the water. I wish I had some more pictures from today. But the camera passed through many hands while we were waiting for the tide, and the battery died in the middle of lunch. All their smiles and laughter make my current sunburn absolutely worth it.

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