Rooftop View

Here’s the rooftop view from the north and south sides of the school. Mikindani is a very urban community, since it is a short commute from Mombasa.  To the far left is a public field, in which the students play soccer during their after school games time. The circular huts inbetween the trees belong to Mim’s, a well-known bar in the area. It gets very rowdy during the World Cup.

The community in Mikindani is rather diverse. These tall apartment buildings can have shacks constructed from corrugated metal right next to them.  The style of the building to the bottom right is a common sight.  It is divided into several units, and the families share the space in the center to do their cooking and hang their laundry.

The above pictures were taken in July 2010, which is why the school van that was sold last week can still be seen. For those who want to see an authentic picture of the day, I’ve included a picture of Mukeku and the school’s account book.

I spent today reviewing our sponsored high school student files. The school couldn’t afford to buy filing folders for all the students, so I’ll be shopping with Mukeku next week to buy some more folders and other office supplies.

Here’s a close up of the school’s account book. Mukeku’s been working on developing a more efficient system since he joined Royals. We’ll be working together to sift through the school’s food and salary expenses to hopefully keep the school from getting into a bind. Not the most glamorous pictures of the day, but a very important part of the school’s daily running.

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