Moses: Deputy Headmaster

The real picture of the day I wanted to post, I didn’t have the heart to actually take. Shortly after taking this picture of the deputy headmaster, Teacher Moses (also known as Zuma) working with Peterson, he had to discipline fifteen students. Kenya style. The students, mainly in class seven and eight, had been seen with food purchased from street vendors. And for the safety of the students, the school does not allow students to carry money to school. Food bought from street vendors can often cause stomach problems, and most of those kids’ parents can’t afford to provide money for snack food.

But back to the actual picture. This is Teacher Zuma at his desk in the newly white-washed headmaster’s office. The teachers don’t have their own classrooms. Instead, they rotate between the classes and students bring their work to be corrected by the teacher at whichever desk that teacher has managed to claim. The students have several free periods throughout the day and they usually use that time to seek out their teachers for extra help.

Peterson, one of our sponsored boarding students in the eighth grade, came by to ask for assistance with a KiSwahili assignment. He was top in his class at the graduation celebration and wants to become an engineer. His older sister, Wawira, is one of our sponsored high school students, and has already started her second year. She’s also very smart and wants to become a doctor.

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