Bean Sorting

Instead of fighting off mobs of kids today, I decided to only take some pictures during the free period after lunch, in less trafficked parts of the school compound.  I found Henry and Evance sorting beans in the back of the school.

Henry and Evance are both eighth grade graduates and will be off to their first year of high school by mid-February.  Henry swept up most of the achievement awards at the graduation celebration and will most likely be attending a national-level high school. Evance is nick-named “Professor” at the school since he has to wear glasses.

Both of them came from western Kenya shortly after the election clashes and board at the school. When Evance first came to the school, he was very sickly and malnourished.  When I first met him in 2009, he struggled to walk long distances and play sports with other students.  But the consistent care he’s received at the school has finally made him much stronger.

They are two of the eight upcoming high school students we’ll be sponsoring.  Six of the eight are boarding at the school, and help with its daily running.  They help the kitchen staff and also help the current eighth grade students with their studies.

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